Eco-Spring Post Remineralization/Carbon Filter

Eco-Spring Post Remineralization/Carbon Filter

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Eco-Spring Post Remineralization/Carbon Filter: standard post remineralization filter cartridge included with system. Adds calcium for flavor and health benefits.


From Dan:

"I've been warning my customers for years about drinking RO water after having relied upon it for a straight 4 yrs before feeling the effects. Especially for those of you who are hydrating your family with RO water. Or look at an RO water machine as an investment for your family. Here's the jist: Water is a very voracious molecule, which is never found alone in nature. It always wants to bond to something which is why you rarely if ever find >100ppm water in nature. It's almost always 100ppm+  This being said, when you strip the water of these bonds, it becomes voracious again. So if you pour that hungry little molecule into your body, it's going to cling to and leach any mineral or base it can find, and leave acid behind. Hence, indigestion, constant heartburn, lack of energy and luster, sunken eyes and lack of color in skin, and much more serious issue can prevail if taken longer."

According to Hydrologic, this Remineralization filter will need to be replaced every 6-12 months depending on usage.

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