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BioBizz Bio-Heaven 1L

BioHeaven is a specially formulated and highly concentrated Plant Energy Booster, which contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino-acids. It improves yield and quality of harvest by improving moisture retention as well as reducing moisture stress; stimulating enzymatic systems to increase plant respiration and rapidly and comp..


Clearance CowWow Gallon

Clearance Cow Wow Gallon Gallon - 14.95..


Clearance CowWow Liter

Clearance Cow Wow liter Gallon - 5.95..


Clearance DutchMaster add.27 Veg+Flower 250ml

Clearance DutchMaster add.27 Veg+Flower 250ml 250ml - $9.95..


Clearance Erupt Bugimus Minimus 500ml

Clearance Erupt Bugimus Minimus 500ml Foliar pesticide spray. 500ml - $8.95..


Clearance Erupt Combo Pack

Clearance Erupt Combo Pack Includes ProGroStart and Budimus Maximus 7.95..


Clearance Erupt HY-Max 500ml

Clearance Erupt HY-Max 500ml 500ml - $8.95..


Clearance Liquid Gold quart

Clearance Liquid Gold Fertilizer quart 1 liter - $8.95..


Clearance Sugar Peak Veg 2.5 Gallon

Clearance Sugar Peak Veg 2.5 Gallon  - $41.95..


Clearance Triple 888 Uptake

Triple 888 Uptake 1 liter - $11.95..


Secret Jardin DarkRoom II, DR300 (10'x10'x6.5') Grow Tent

Secret Jardin Dark Room II Pro DR300 Tent Approximate size: 10' x 10' x 6.5'   (300 x 300 x 200 cm) IMPROVED! The Dark Room II Pro is the new, improved version of the original Dark Room with several upgrades: Stronger and more durable than previous DR models 210D fabric has 2.5x tear strength and 3x th..

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