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OxygenPot 6 Site Digital Super-Flow System (No Reservoir)

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OxygenPot 6 Site Digital Super-Flow System (No Reservoir)

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The Super Flow premium hydroponic system introduces all new technology to the ebb and flow bucket system. This patent pending indoor hydroponic grow system exclusively features high grade fabric aeration pots instead of plastic inserts. The breathable fabric pots increase oxygen levels in the root zone and improve drainage, leading to optimum plant health. Not only do fabric pots provide optimum conditions for supercharged growth rates, they also improve yields significantly and prevent root diseases. The spacious XL 5 gallon green grow sites give your roots the room they need to grow to their full potential and maximize your yields. Remember…The Bigger the Root, the Bigger the Fruit! ™

How big can you expand the Super-Flow system?

The Super Flow can expand to fit any size growing space. The Gro-Commander Controller Module comes with (4) 3/4 inch outputs, which allow system expansion up to 36 sites. 6 Bucket Add-on Kits are used to expand the system beyond 6 sites and are sold separately.

Recommended Crops: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Flowers, Herbs, Baby Greens, Lettuce, Ornamentals, Vegetable Transplants, Greenroof Plants, Rooted Cuttings

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