Deluxe Beer Equip. & Ingredient Kit

Deluxe Beer Equip. & Ingredient Kit

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Kit includes everything you need to get started on your own home brews.

Includeds :

5 Gallon glass carboy

Plastic Bucket with lid

Wing Capper

Bottle filler, racking cane and hose

Polorware stainless steel spoon

Bottle brush

Hydrometer and seperate sample jar

#2 and #7 stoppers with hole

reusable nylon steeping bag

Booke "Brewing Quality Beers"

6 lbs of light dried malt extract

1lb of 20l Caramel grain (cracked)

Cascade Hops

Dried ale yeast

3/4 cup of corn sugar for priming

Sanitizer and cleanser (Iodophor and P.B.W.)

Complete Instructions.

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