Growstone Super Soil Aerator 2 lb

Growstone Super Soil Aerator 2 lb

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Small granules, 2 lb

Growstone Super Soil Aerator is the ideal aeration component of soil mixes. Its highly porous aggregates act as "air pockets" significantly enhancing aeration and drainage of any sphagnum peat, coco coir or composted soil based mix. As a result it creates the ideal environment for your plants’ root systems and leads to healthy, thriving plants. Ideal for growing a wide variety of plants including herbs, flowering and woody ornamentals, vegetables, tropicals, trees and shrubs. Growstone Super Soil Aerator is a sustainable engineered alternative to perlite and other soil amendments used to improve texture and structure of soil or soilless mixes. 100% Recycled. 100% American made.

 Lighter and more eco friendly than clay pellets, more reusable than perlite.

GrowStones are the DAN's #1 prefered hydroponic growing medium.

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