Premium Lighting Package Non Air-Cooled, 400W Complete System

Premium Lighting Package Non Air-Cooled, 400W Complete System

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This is a complete lighting package designed by DAN includes high quality flowering, a high quality digital ballasts high quality air-cooled reflectors.  The bulbs that come with this are a HPS Hortilux Bulb.  The ballast is a galaxy digital logic where you can select the watt and use turbo charge.  The reflector is an non air-cooled adjust-a-wings.



Product Photo Super HPS Spectral Distribution | EYE HORTILUX™

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(Available wattages: 250w, 400w, 430w, 600w, 1000w)

The Super HPS is the most productive High Pressure Sodium grow light in the industry.

Compared to the competition, the Super HPS:

  • Provides 25% more energy in violet, blue and green
  • Offers 17% more total spectral energy
  • Produces more spectral balance for increased plant response and accelerated growth


The Super HPS lamps:

  • Are made in the USA.
  • Feature the exclusive HORTILUX® Spectrum.
  • Are individually tested before they ship.
  • Feature a one-year warranty.


Super HPS lamps:

  • Feature patented, environmentally-friendly design (EN).
  • Are completely lead-free.
  • Meet Federal EPA standards as non-hazardous.
  • Meet Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test criteria as non-hazardous waste.

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SUPER Metal Halide with Optimized BLUE and RED Spectrum 

  • 400W, 600W, 1000W SUPER high output MH with maximized output in both blue and red spectral range
  • Conversion bulb to operate on ANSI coded HPS ballast
  • SUPER MH bulb with maximum output in both blue and red spectrum
  • Optimized for maximized branching and vegetative growth, and added red spectrum for flowering efficiency
  • Outperforms standard MH bulbs


Adjust-a-Wings Avenger Medium Reflector Medium Dimensions: 22 in x 24 in, 25 in, 26 in or 27 in.

The Adjustable Light Spread allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality, health & yield. Made of 95% reflective proprietary German aluminum. Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors. Increase the growing area under each lamp by up to 75%. Increase yield per lamp up to 50%. Sold in 17 countries across 4 continents, Adjust-A-Wings™ are the reflectors of choice for many of the world's top growers! Medium Dimensions: 22 in x 24 in, 25 in, 26 in or 27 in. Large Dimensions: 28 in x 36 in, 37 in, 38 in, 39 in or 40 in. An additional socket assembly can be added to a Large Adjust-A-Wing™. Allows operation of two 400 watt MH & HPS lamps or two 600 watt HPS lamps. Log on to YouTube and search Adjust-A-Wings™ to see a demonstration video from the inventor. Packaged in one box. 904565 is sold to retailers in increments of 6 only.



Galaxy Digital Logic® Ballasts feature our proprietary Intelligent Control Interface™. This smart interface allows control of preprogrammed timing settings, lamp dimming, Turbo Charge® activation, self-diagnostic feature with easily identified error codes and an hour meter to monitor the age of your lamp. This is displayed with a green LED panel on the end of the ballast. Low current, staggered ignition delay feature eliminates circuit inrush overload and protects lamp for increased lumen maintenance. Internal ballast programming will protect unit in instance of open circuit, short circuit, over/under voltage or high temperature exposure. Thermally optimized non-air cooled aluminum housing. New dual universal lamp cord receptacle is compatible with all Sun System® brand reflectors as well as other branded reflectors. The optional remote control (#902234 or #902674) can be used for integrated timer programming and operation. Control multiple units with one remote control (sold separately).


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