Hydrofarm Raptor Reflector Hood 8"

Hydrofarm Raptor Reflector Hood 8"

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The Raptor from Hydrofarm. What more can we say. Some of the nicest craftsmanship we have ever seen in any air cooled hood. This hood/reflector is just really awesome! It spreads light like we have never seen. It can do some seriously huge patterns, all while holding the ability to be placed closely to the canopy. Because it is so spread out in size, it can cover large areas without much shadowing of your plants. Normal price includes average freight charges that other companies typically charge.

Here is the factory direct blurb on this beast:

This new mega reflector was designed with our customers' needs in mind. You wanted bigger, broader, brighter light coverage... our engineers built it all into our newest addition, the Raptor. 

• Exclusive engineered design by Lighting Sciences 
• Broad light spread allows close placement to plants for maximum light delivery in low-clearance locations 
• Fully gasketed and sealed for most effective heat isolation and cooling 
• Best-in-the-world 95% reflective, four-sided Alanod Hammertone aluminum interior 
• Pre-galvanized multi-point reinforced construction 
• Most efficient reflector in its class
• 15' pre-wired lamp cord included
• Aerodynamic design 
• Built-in socket
• Completely sealed lens system

Patent Pending


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