HiLUX GRO HPS Lamp 1000W

HiLUX GRO HPS Lamp 1000W

BrandsUshio Hilux
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Gardeners will love the big beautiful blooms they get when they raise their plants under a 400-watt HPS HiLUX GRO Lamp. Emitting 56,000 initial lumens with a 24,000-hour life rating, this sodium lamp operates in the horizontal or base-up position and includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Lamps generate an optimized red spectrum for superior flower development in addition to an enhanced blue spectrum to give plants their green. For use with a 400-watt HPS ballast.

D.A.N. research notes:
These are the only lamps designed specifically for digital/electronic ballasts. Designed in Japan by world renowned lamp company USHIO, they are built in Germany with heavy duty highest quality components. Heavy-duty weld is incorporated into the design to accommodate fast-hard starts that digital/electronic ballasts supply. We have personally noticed that these are the longest living lamps when fired with digis. 

This lamp will still work GREAT with magnetic ballasts, they will just be a tad overbuilt! These are the heaviest duty lamps on the market.

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