Can-Fan S 8in 483CFM

Can-Fan S 8in 483CFM

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Can-Fan® bring its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The outstanding performance of our fans set them apart from the competition. Each fan comes pre-wired with an 8’ - 120 volt power cord. 5 year warranty.

Can-Fans are now the “New” S-Series Can-Fan

Ventilation in indoor gardening is an extremely competitive arena where bighydroponic manufacturers/distributors regularly discount their in-line exhaust fans and lie about their power in a shameful effort to win market share and cheat frugal hydroponic growers who can’t see past the sticker price. I know this sounds very judgmental and possibly off-base, but those with experience in indoor garden and green house ventilation know that the price and the CFMs (Cubic feet per minute of air) listed on the packaging of most exhaust fansrarely has anything to do with reality. We also know that TRUE CFMs and ventilation are concepts that are rarely understood by most indoor growers. With these facts in mind, Can Filters recently made some changes in the presentation of the classic Can-Fan.

In-Line Exhaust Fans Re-launched: New Name and Packaging for Can-Fan Exhaust Fans

To compete in the indoor gardening market and in an effort to combat aggressive discounting and ludicrous CFM claims by other manufacturers ofin-line exhaust fan manufacturers, Can Filters recently re-released the legendary Can-Fan with a new name, new packaging, and new pricing. Can Group is not changing or eliminating any of their products. The classic Can-Fan RS 4, Can-Fan RS 6 and Can-Fan RS 8 are to be repackaged as part of the S-Series of Can-Fans and renamed as the S400, S600 and S800. 

Exhaust Fan and  CFMs, Can-Fan is still better Quality and Value than the Competition

Taking it one step further, the team at Can Filters decided not to list the True CFMs or invent an inflated number – like all the other manufacturers. This decision was made in an effort to avoid misleading consumers. Most other manufacturers are listing false exaggeratedly high CFMs that hurt honest manufacturers like Can Filters, who try to keep it real. The reality is that the German engineered Can-Fans are still among the best, most powerful and reliable in-line exhaust fans available today. They are strong and silent and accompanied by a comprehensive 5 year warranty. The True CFMs on the S400 are 142, on the S600 are 270 and on the S800 are 493. For consumers who require more power and higher CFMs, Can Group’s Max-Fan Series is in a class by itself.

The New Can-Fans S-Series are still the Industry benchmark for Quality and Reliability in Ventilation

In the end the classic Can-Fan is still a highly relevant entry-level exhaust fan. Despite the false claims and steep discounting be unscrupulous distributors selling inferior Chinese manufactured in-line fans, Can-Fan has maintained its position as the industry benchmark for quality and reliability. Today more than ever it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better and don’t believe everything you read.

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