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DANs Advanced Nutrients Vegetative GMB 10 Gallon Bundle

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DAN's Advanced Nutrients Vegetative GMB 10 Gallon Bundle

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DAN's Advanced Nutrients Vegetative Bundle Grow, Micro, Bloom 10 GALLON KIT


I formulated this package to give you every additive that Advanced Nutrients recommends in their pH Perfect Profesional program. The advantage of using all additives is obvious once you get used to what each one does, and the timing of them. The final results are astounding. While not recommended for the weak at heart, this program still continues to defeat all other nutrient programs to date. To make it a bit easier, I've done the math for you on these things.  Be sure to complete the first step below to fully understand how to size your package:


Step 1. IMPORTANT ---> Calculate which bundle to purchase with DAN's formula:

SIZE OF BUNDLE PACKAGE   =   (#of gallons of water required to thoroughly water all plants) x (# of times you water per week)

 this simple calculation will determine which bundle size to choose. ie: if it takes you 5 gallons to water all of your plants thoroughly, each time, and you water your plants twice per week, this means you will need to choose one of DAN's 10-gallon bundle packages. All packages are designed around 8-9 week fruit/flower cycles.

These packages are designed for 6 week veg cycles. ie: 10 gallon package mixes 60 gallons of total solution....20gal mixes 120 gallons and so forth.



-1L Grow

-1L Micro

-1L Bloom

-250mL Voodoo Juice

-500mL B52



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