Grow A&B

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Cyco Grow A+B


What is it?   

    Cyco Grow A+B is a premium vegetative base nutrient. This 2-part vegetative base nutrient ensures that the plant goes from small to tall. With the correct rations of all your macro and micro elements, Cyco Grow A+B will ensure your plants grow fast and free of any deficiencies. Once your plants have all their basic needs covered, then it is time to focus on additives.   


How to use it:

-Add 10mL/gallon of both Part A. Let mix thoroughly. 

-Add 10mL/gallon part B. Let mix thoroughly. 

-Add Dr. Repair or Cal-mag of choice. Let mix thoroughly.

-Add Silica, slowly. Let mix thoroughly.

-Add all other ingredients.

-Check and adjust ph to recommended level according to media type, only after all ingredients have been added.


How it works:

-Nutrients found in Grow A and Grow B are chelated Chelation ensures all nutrients are highly bioavailable, and easily absorbed and utilized.

-Grow A & B contain Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other elements all needed to aid in an aggressive growth cycle.

-Magnesium helps to activate many plant enzymes needed for growth.

-Every element in Grow A & B plays a role in helping to produce the best quality plant and growth rate.


Extra notes from DAN: Base nutrients are considered the foundation of your grow. You can't start using any additive(s) until you have covered the base nutrient requirement.  Cyco utilizes pharmaceutical grade inputs which are much better quality than common fertilizer grade inputs. By utilizing pharmaceutical grade inputs, these base nutrients will include much less heavy metals and other inferior inert compounds found in lesser grade fertilizers. Plants grown with pharmaceutical grade compounds are less likely to have traces of heavy metals or other contaminants.




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