Bud Blood 

By Advanced Nutrients


What is it? Bud Blood By Advanced Nutrients helps plants reach the flowering stage faster, for more quality crops. Containing  important ingredients like phosphorus and potassium in combination with other bloom-boosting ingredients, Bud Blood stimulator has the right mix to get you harvesting sooner. Bud Blood is specially designed for use with all hydroponic growing media, including coco coir, sphagnum moss ,as well as continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture.




How to use it: 

  • Coco: Daily
  • Other substrates 2-4 times weekly/as necessary.
  • Nutrient Solutions: Mix a new reservoir weakly.
  • Mix 10 grams per 20 Liters (2 tsp per 7 gallons) of nutrient solution in your reservoir for the first week of flowering. This will raise the ppm by approximately 200.



  1. Do not use as a foliar spray
  2. Always use fresh water
  3. 1 tsp of Bud Blood=6 grams

How it works:  Guaranteed analysis: 39% Available Phosphate& 25% Soluble Potash. Derived from: Monopotassium phosphate. These two ingredients work together to increase the speed that a plant reaches harvest, as well as increase the size and weight of buds and flower sets.


 Extra notes from DAN:  Bud Blood will trigger your flowers hard and fast. When using Bud Blood you will notice that your development in weeks 2 and 3 looks much more like what it would look like in weeks 4 and 5. This one week (or more) head start will translate into larger more robust flowers, more flowering sites, and reduced internodal spacing. Using Bud Blood tells flowers what to do.




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